Software Engineer Without a Degree was Hired by a Belkin Tech Recruiter

If you’re a Software Developer or Engineer that is looking to take your career to the next level and want to work at Belkin.

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Michael Bravo who is now a Tech Recruiter at Belkin and was a former Recruiter for the Judge Group, says the following about getting into the tech space as an engineer:

“There are people out there that didn’t go to college and still made it into the technical world as an engineer or developer but they took different steps”

He goes on to say that as long as you are willing to take courses on your own and get certified in programs such as AWS, Cloud Computing, Python, and other coding languages, you can break into the tech space as an engineer.

Two pieces of advice that Michael gives is to:

1. Be personable

2. Be willing to start at the bottom ie. Service Table Technician.

If you want to get a job and start making money as a developer or engineer, make sure to take the classes that are freely available right now for you to take.

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