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How to memorize numbers 90-99
What does the word BENEVOLENT mean and how to memorize English sat vocabulary

Memorize Vocabulary Word, BENEVOLENT

What Does BENEVOLENT Mean? [Meaning & Definition] The key idea with being able to memorize vocabulary words is the create pictures for those words. The BENEVOLENT Mnemonic Pictures for this SAT Vocab word are BENEVOLENT Mnemonic: Bone + EnvelopeDefinition Mnemonic: Dog being Kind Then just take both the picture for the word and the picture…
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How to memorize numbers 60-69
How to Memorize Numbers 50-59
how to memorize numbers 40-49

How to Memorize the Presidents 1-10

How to Memorize the Presidents Learn the Presidents in Order with these US President’s Image Mnemonics 1. George Washington Mnemonic = Washing Machine 2. John Adams Mnemonic = Apple (Adam’s Apple) 3. Thomas Jefferson Mnemonic = Chef Son 4. James Madison Mnemonic = Medicine 5. James Monroe Mnemonic = Moon Rowing 6. John Quincy Adams…
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How to Memorize Numbers • 20-29 Double Digits

Memorize the Images for Numbers 20-29

How to Memorize Numbers with the Major System

We use our body to help us keep track of the consonant sounds that the major system gives each number. So what you want to do is choose 9 spots on your body and 1 from your environment. Here they are (Make sure to visualize these parts with their given number and name. It is…
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