How to Memorize the Presidents 1-10

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Learn How to Memorize the Presidents 1-10 in order, from George Washington to James Tyler as part of your US History / APUSH Review.

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This is Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel, ready to show you how to memorize the presidents in the correct order using a memory palace.

US History // APUSH Series


Memory Palace

In order to memorize the correct order of any information that you want to learn quickly and easily, you need to use a memory palace.

I outline how to do that in my House Locations Memory Palace video.

The idea is to imagine that you are at the front door of your home and then open that door to walk into the first room in your house. What is that room for you?

The first room that I walk into, is the Living Room.

You then want to choose 5 spots in this room and go clockwise.

For example, when I walk into the living room, the first thing on the left-hand side that I see is the Window. The second item that I see is the Table. I then move on over to the sofa. After that, I would see the mirror. The 5th location in the living room for me, is the TV.

Now go ahead and create your memory palace by doing the same process in your home. Choose 5 spots in 5 rooms/areas.


Now in order to memorize the US Presidents in the correct order, just turn their name into a mnemonic image association and have it do some sort of action on the corresponding location. 

For example, let’s take George Washington and turn that name into an image. I would picture a Washing Machine for Washington. I would then take that Washing Machine and link it to my first location, which is the Window. I wouldn’t just have it sitting there statically. I would make visualize myself turning into the hulk and tossing the Washing Machine into the Window and seeing the Window smash into a million pieces. I would see the soap suds coming out of the Washing Machine and covering the entire Window area as I begin to lick it. The more vivid that you make these stories, the easier that it will be for you to recall the images. 

You then do that same thing for every single US President and link its image to its corresponding location.

Afterwards, make sure to review each story on the location. 

As an advanced memory training tip, if you are already familiar with how to use a memory palace, then go ahead and link 2 images on one location. The first two presidents are George Washington and John Adams. See the Washing Machine (Washington) spitting out Apples (Adams) onto the first location. 

If this is the first time that you are using the memory palace memorization method, then only associate one image per one location as it will make the recall process much easier.

US President’s Image Mnemonics

1. George Washington = Washing Machine

George WashingtonWashing Machine

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1789-1797
Vice PresidentJohn Adams

2. John Adams = Apple (Adam’s Apple)

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1797-1801
Vice PresidentThomas Jefferson

3. Thomas Jefferson = Chef Son

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1789-1797
Vice PresidentsAaron Burr & George Clinton

4. James Madison = Medicine

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1809-1817
Vice PresidentsGeorge Clinton & Elbridge Gerry

5. James Monroe = Moon Rowing

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1817-1825
Vice PresidentDaniel Tompkins

6. John Quincy Adams = Apple (Adam’s Apple)

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1825-1829
Vice PresidentJohn C. Calhoun

7. Andrew Jackson = Jack (carjack)

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1829-1837
Vice PresidentsJohn C. Calhoun & Martin Van Buren

8. Martin Van Buren = Van Burning

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1837-1841
Vice PresidentRichard Mentor Johnson

9. William Henry Harrison = Hairy Son

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1841-1841
Vice PresidentJohn Tyler

10. John Tyler = Tie

Presidential Facts

Years in Office1789-1797
Vice Presidentnone


Make sure to review these several times on your house memory palace locations. On the next Memorize Presidents Episode, I will teach you how to memorize the presidents in order from 11-20.

Free Memory Improvement Remember Names Guides

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