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What Does Serotonin Do in the Brain Medical Terminology Neurotransmitter

What Does Serotonin Do In the Brain and How Does Serotonin Improve Memory?

What Does Serotonin Do In the Brain? How to Memorize Serotonin’s Definition and Meaning with a Mnemonic The Serotonin Definition and Medical Term Meaning How is Serotonin Made Can the body make its own Tryptophan? What helps Tryptophan cross the Blood-Brain Barrier? How does Serotonin help with memory improvement? Serotonin and Learning Should I just…
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Easy Way to Learn How to Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements

Memory Palace to Memorize Elements In order to learn how to memorize the periodic table elements, you have to first create a memory palace. This will help you to store the elements in a sequential order.  Start off by getting a sheet of paper and drawing four or five square sections on a sheet of…
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How to memorize numbers 90-99
How to memorize numbers 60-69
How to Memorize Numbers 50-59
how to memorize numbers 40-49

How to Memorize the Presidents 1-10

How to Memorize the Presidents Learn the Presidents in Order with these US President’s Image Mnemonics 1. George Washington Mnemonic = Washing Machine 2. John Adams Mnemonic = Apple (Adam’s Apple) 3. Thomas Jefferson Mnemonic = Chef Son 4. James Madison Mnemonic = Medicine 5. James Monroe Mnemonic = Moon Rowing 6. John Quincy Adams…
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Grandpa Do You Know Who I Am? Recap // The Alzheimer’s Project on HBO Ep 2

The COVID 19 disease which is caused by the Coronavirus is becoming a global pandemic. Some people still don’t know what to look for when it comes to identifying the symptoms of someone who has been infected by the Corona Virus. In today’s Smarter Brain, Better Memory episode, I show you how to memorize the symptoms using the AE Mind Memory System.